Sally Lee Candle Co. invites you to soothe your senses with soy...
soy candles that is!  
We believe that there are three key ingredients needed to benefit your well being...Health, happiness and a bit of luxury.
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Sally Lee Candle Co. - Soy Candles
About Us
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Soothe your Senses with Soy.
Add a bit of luxury and relaxation to your world with Sally Lee Soy Candles.
Our Soy Candle Collections are made using simple ingredients from American manufacturers: 100% organic soy wax, cotton wicks, premium grade fragrance oils and no dyes.
Enjoy your visit & go shopping!
The Basics
Soy Candle Information
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Wickless Soy Candles are the newest craze in container soy candles!!!! Discover them now!
Reduce - Reuse - Recycle
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Your purchase helps the American economy,
charitable organizations and most importantly...
you can soothe your senses with soy!
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Soy Tealights will be available
for purchase on May 4th
Each year Sally Lee Candle Co. donates 10% of their net proceeds to:

Thank you for supporting these worthwhile causes.
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